• I sang in choirs at school, and sang treble (when we appeared on the South African TV channel), then alto, then tenor for St George’s Cathedral, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • I used my voice for the Whiteboard Animation videos I created
  • Training of my voice as an actor whilst studying at The Arts Educational, London
  • As an actor in some plays, including some Greek plays in Theatro Technis in the north of London directed by George Eugenio
  • Although unpaid, I read all of Tolkien’s books, all of Harry Potter books and many other books to my daughters as they grew up, with different voices for the different characters
  • Other than teaching English for 7 years in Spain, and Music for 3 years I lectured and gave talks for Google Digital Garage, and now I give talks for Google Digital Garage online.

Benedict is renowned within the industry as the man with the golden voice. A hypnotic combination of erudite English academic and passionate orator, there’s a hint of South African sunshine in every syllable of his comprehensive and engaging presentations. He brings even the least accessible subject matter to life with his warmth and intelligence. Instantly charming and with an unbelievable wealth of knowledge, Benedict can be relied on to both motivate learners and enhance team morale wonderfully. Benedict’s firm grasp of Coding, AI, Music and Digital Skills make him an asset to any organisation lucky enough to employ him.

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An example of my voiceover for a Whiteboard Animation:

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