My most recent film I was composer for, the horror Black Daruma for the Watts brothers of Far North Film who are well known for their Prime film Playhouse.

Here are some of my previous compositions:

Bridgerton Scoring Competition of Spitfire Audio, music composed by Benedict Hickson
Etiqueta Negra by David Vergés, music composed by Benedict Hickson for Zurich Film Music Competition
Benedict’s composition for the Abbey Road Studios Composer competition to accompany Buñuel’s The Labyrinth of Turtles.
Benedict’s Berlin International Scoring Competition 2021 composition application for the film Abiogenesis.
For the Spitfire Audio‘s Westworld Scoring Competition.
Benedict’s application for the Berlin International Sound Design competition 2021 for the film Genesis.

I grew up with music and I have composed for most of my life. I have composed quite a few productions for full orchestra. Although I’m most accustomed to composing for the orchestra (using Sibelius first, and now Dorico and sampled orchestra), I am now learning to improve the instruments to make them sound more real and like the actual instruments as well as creating synthsizer instruments for use in my compositions.

Here is 7 minutes of some of my composition samples:

Here are some of my Improvisations on the piano (it must be remembered that it is live and includes pauses at places):

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