Expert Coding Trainer – Games, Film/TV and AI Applications

  • With 10+ years of coding experience, I help students, filmmakers, and innovators build exciting projects in interactive media through accessible and engaging training.
  • Lectured in Coding for Game Design for Rotherham College, specialising in Java and Python
  • Educational Coding Consultant for Sheffield College in building a C++ Coding Curriculum as part of their Game Design course
  • Designed coded interactive screens for the actors, especially for the series Inspector Lewis and Hustle Some of the projects involved creating a game in a week.
  • Created a game in JavaScript
  • Provided feedback for the Intro to Coding course for Google Digital Garage and later part of the interview board for more coders
  • Coding for an AI App in Norway for a company in Bergen

Case Study

  • For Rotherham College I took the previous lectures and updated them particularly
  • Whilst working on the software for Lewis (acted by Laurence Fox) there was one where Lewis’s sketch appeared along with the other accused in the police software with sketches and details of each.
  • Whilst working on the software for Hustlers I created a piece of software that was a map of the alarms in a building, flashing when live, and off when turned off for the Hustlers to get into the building.


  • Project-specific coding solutions
  • Curriculum development
  • One-on-one training

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