I have worked as Consultant in a number of different roles. Here are some of the roles I have played:

  • Consultant for Sheffield College in constructing the lectures in Coding for the 3 year Game Design Course
  • Providing feedback for Doug Barlow who has appeared on Ted Talks, for the course “Intro to Coding” for Google for Google Digital Garage and the training company, Freeformers (now Teamtogether)
  • Taking part in the interviews for more coding specialists for additional Google Digital Garage Coaches in Sheffield and Manchester Google Digital Garage with Freeformers trainers.
  • Consultant for Erling Gabrielsen and his companies in Bergen, Norway
  • One-to-one small business and charity mentor for Google Digital Garage

Benedict is a multi-talented creative with an awesome talent for presenting insightful sessions and capturing the imagination of his audience. A true gent, I am proud to call him my friend and colleague. He has a natural flair and charm which he exudes in his pursuit of excellence and growth – organised and determined, he looks the improve the already established with gems which can only come from an experienced and broad understanding of how to get the best out of anyone he meets. He is a gifted coach and trainer. A talented coder, marketer and writer Benedict combines effortless style and passion to light up a room and leave his mark. A true ambassador for quality and standards, it is a pleasure to work alongside him.

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